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Surly Smoked Brisket

You’d be in a bad mood too if you had to hang out in a smoker for 12 hours. Bert's brisket is tender, moist and oh so flavorful. Enjoy it alone or on a bun.

Rub Me the Wrong Way Ribs

Coated with Bert's secret rub then smoked for hours, these tender ribs will fall off the bones and into your mouth!

Petulant Pulled Pork

Slow-smoked, hand trimmed and slathered with Bert's famous sauce. This sandwich is a classic!

Porky Parfait

Five layers of all your favorites in a handy cup: cornbread muffin, pulled pork, baked beans, cheesy potatoes all topped with coleslaw. That's a whole lotta delicious right there!

Pouting Pork Chops

Unhappy because brisket always gets the spotlight, Unbelievably moist and tender boneless pork chops with that delectable smoked flavor. Be sure to top these with Bert's delicious sauce.

Stubborn Sliced Pork

Refuses to give up on it’s sandwich dreams

Churlish Pulled Chicken

Shredded smoked chicken breast tossed with some of Bert's lip smackin' sauce and served on a bun.

Irritated Italian Beef

Slow smoked beef is spiced with Italian seasonings and gets an extra zing from pepperoncinis.

Virtuous Vegetarian Barbeque

Now you can feel good about your bbq sandwich cravings. Smoked jackfruit is shredded and mixed with Bert's famous sauce for a delicious sandwich that will fool your eyes and amaze your tastebuds. 

Moody Mac 'n' Meat

A big bowl full of gooey, homemade mac 'n' cheese is topped with a serving of either Bert's delicious pulled pork or delectable pulled chicken.

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Contrary Coleslaw

Contrary to what you are used to, this is NOT your typical slaw. Red cabbage is the star here, lightly tossed with a special mayo based dressing. Loaded with antioxidants, this salad will change your views on slaw for sure!

Cranky Cornbread

Homemade, cheesy, and oh-so-yummy, these muffins are guaranteed to make you think twice about your life choices. Maybe gluten-free isn't really the best road to take....

Grouchy Green Beans

Just like your grandma used to make you eat only better 'cuz they are cooked with bacon and onion. A southern favorite for sure!

Bad Tempered Baked Beans

These babies have meat, onions, and bbq sauce mixed in for an intensely flavorful bowl of beans. Enjoy them now, regret them later.

Cantankerous Corn Casserole

Like a cross between cornbread and a souffle', this dish is seriously yummy. Be careful though, because once you try this dish, you will be hooked!

Crazy-good Cheesy Potatoes

Why eat fries or chips when you can have these instead? Hashbrown potatoes are baked with cheese, sour cream, butter and some other delicious ingredients. There goes your diet, right out the window.

Manic Mac N Cheese

Better save room for some of this gooey cheesy goodness!

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Frosty Frozen Lemonade

A little sweet and a little sour, kinda like Grumpy. This cold cup will chill you out without weighing you down. Perfect pick-me-up for a warm Florida afternoon!

Bad As Brownies

Made by house elves and full of tricks. These brownies are rich and addictive - you will be back for more!

Crabby Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you are feeling a little crabby, defeat the hangries in the most delicious way possible with these sweet spheres of yummy. 

Vexed Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

Moist, chocolatey and made with grandma's recipe, you would never guess these rich cupcakes are totally meatless!

Conflicted Crispy Bars

Are they breakfast or are they dessert?  You decide.

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