Years ago, when Bert first started cooking barbeque for family get-togethers, he would start a fire in the pasture and cook a whole hog over the coals. Since this took 12-16 hours, Bert had to stay up all night cooking. The meat was awesome, but the cook ended up tired and grumpy. When asked why he was so crabby, Bert would just say “Shut up and eat,” earning him the name Grumpy Bert.

One 4th of July, the rain kept putting out the fire under the hog. It wasn’t done in time and Bert had to feed everyone fried chicken from the grocery store deli. Enough messing around already - it was time to get serious! Bert decided he needed to build a barbeque pit so he dug up an old propane tank.

It took lots of good-old-boy engineering fueled by many cases of beer, but Bert finally built his own custom smoker on wheels. Now he was able to travel from place to place, cooking hundreds of pounds of meat without worrying about the fire getting washed away. Plus Grumpy Bert was actually awake for the party the next day!

Now everybody was clamoring for Grumpy’s delicious barbeque so much that he decided he needed to either go big or go home. Bert fixed up a gooseneck trailer to serve as a mobile kitchen. Next, “Big Bertha”, the king-sized smoker, rose from a shower of sparks and welding smoke in Grumpy’s man cave. This monster can smoke a boat load of meat an still have room for the baked beans!

Well, everyone knows that smoked meat is only part of what makes barbeque so delicious. Years of trial and error resulted in Bert’s secret recipe for a barbeque sauce so delicious that some people eat it straight out of the jar. Sure, it’s perfect on any kind of meat, but fans confess that they use it on everything from mashed potatoes to scrambled eggs. It really is that good!







Groveland, Florida

DBPR Food Service License #MFD4550375

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